IKEA Assembly Service New York


(We Service NY, NJ, and CT)


– With over 15 years of daily experience assembling IKEA products we still have CHEAPER pricing than IKEA’s new TASK RABBIT assembly service. By cutting out the middle-man it allows us to be more affordable. Ask us for a price comparison.


A quick peek at the instructions on newer pieces is ok but having to read through the entire book to build an IKEA piece is a sign of lack of experience.  With exception to newly released products our team rarely even takes the instructions out of the box because it is all first-nature now (you can see the 200+ reviews that credit our team members by name, case after case on Yelp.com.


If you have an idea in mind that may need to use some IKEA products to create something unique by hacking the products we are masters at this. And even in helping you conceive of and design the hack.Check out one of our videos showing a hack here:
Walk-in Closet Hack Video


 Email us your list of items to assemble and desired date and time and we will get back with a flat-rate quote as immediately as possible, to: idaflatpack@gmail.com


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