We can help you plan out your space whether it be just one room or your entire home. Design rates and visits begin as low as $105.

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We can design your kitchen for you and install it or just do the installation if you already have it planned out. We have over a decade of Ikea kitchen installation experience.

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Create your Shopping List on the IKEA website by clicking button below. Email it to us directly and we will shop for the items, buy them and deliver into your home.

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We offer a flat-rate assembly quote based on your list of items. Email us your list and we provide the quote. $105 minimum applies if delivery also is not made by us.

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  •   My experience with Furnish My Space was AMAZING!!!  Eric designed the PERFECT wall unit for my space. He and his colleague, Andre, were FANTASTIC. They were on time, professional, and absolute EXPERTS in what they do. My husband and I couldn't be more pleased. We are already planning to use them again!!!

    thumb Toby B.
  •   I am sure when thing work, this is a great service.  My experience was unfortunately different, and it really was how the entire situation was handled.  I reached out to Eric, the owner, and pretty much a half hearted apology but essentially told I was shit out of luck.

    If they are putting hardware on your PAX system, I would be careful, they might ruin your doors

    Here is my story
    IDA Flatpack were super accommodating to send someone on Friday evening to assemble my PAX after Ikea screwed me over by not delivering that Thursday.  Unfortunately he forgot his stencil or something to assist him with putting the handles on the door, so requested to come back Sunday to finish the job.  Not a problem.

    On Saturday my husband and I level our closet, and place the PAX exactly where we wish it to go in the room

    Sunday, Nate comes and puts the handles on.  I go to check the handles, and they are obvious to the naked eye they are uneven.  I tell Nate and he tried to square up the doors.  At the ends, even with his best efforts, something was off, but he told us unless he drilled new holes, that was the best he could do.

    After Nate left, we discovered that he had moved our PAX a few inches over, I'm not sure why.  All the work my husband and I went through to level and ensure the closet was correct was for nothing, it took us another half hour / hour after Nate left to square the closet (now with clothing), it was a total waste of time.  I am most displeased with how the handles look, from the outside and inside.  I am attaching pictures so you can see what looks to be a mess from both the outside of the closet and the inside.  The outside you can the screws, and the inside of the closets looks like the hole was drilled several times because he couldn't get the right placement.

    I am highly disappointed at this.  The doors are ruined.  I expected much more professional work from someone who does this all the time.  If I had known this would be the result, I would not have let him near the handles of the PAX.  Nate was pleasant and great, but his work at the end really did not hold up for what I think you would expect when you send someone out to do a job.

    thumb Linda W.
  •   I could not be more pleased with this service. An employee named Warnell was assigned to shop for my items at IKEA and assemble them for me, and he went above and beyond the call of duty. He was kind, courteous, and stayed an extra hour longer than anticipated to finish an IKEA piece that wasn't properly manufactured and thus needed a lot of extra attention.

    I would recommend their services to anyone looking to have a stress-free move - I will absolutely use them again should I need to in the future.

    thumb Alanna A.
  •   These guys are great. They set up a pretty sophisticated Pax wardrobe system a big Besta home entertainment center, and mounted a TV in very short order. Eric and his crew showed up and got right to work. I've never seen anyone put together Ikea furniture so quickly.

    The thing that really sets them apart from the competition was the level of detail Eric got into with me about the room before he gave me a quote. I had called a couple of other places and they just gave me a quote sight unseen with no questions. Eric took the time to ask some important questions about some specific details of the structure that no one else brought up which ultimately led to a really top-notch end result. Due to IDA's precision and attention to detail, the Besta looks as if it was built into the room. I couldn't have imagined a better result.

    Eric's company offers very reasonably priced design services as well. If I had to do it all again, I would likely involve him BEFORE I made decisions on which furniture.

    thumb Daniel S.
  •   Amazing service!!!!
    Fit us in no problem. Very professional. One of the cheapest services offered as well

    thumb Ansley S.