Frequently Asked Questions

    • Is there a limit to the number of items I can get with my shopping and delivery package?
    • Are there certain items that you won’t deliver?
    • Is there an extra charge for items in the marketplace?
    • Do you do assembly only WITHOUT delivery?
    • Can I reserve a spot without a list?
    • What are the steps to making an appointment?
    • Does it cost more if I live in a walk-up?
    • What happens if I need to return an item?
    • What if my items are out of stock?
    • What if my building requires an insurance certificate for deliveries?
    • What forms of payment do you accept?
    • How Much will My Assembly Cost

Yes there is a limit based on the size of our vehicles. Providing a complete shopping list ahead
of time will allow us to determine if we can accommodate your order. Also, orders with an extremely large number

of small marketplace items may incur additional charges for time needed in the store to gather the items.

Living potted plants with exception to one or two small plants no more than 6 inches we do not deliver.

For those of you who may not know, the marketplace is the section in Ikea where you’ll find all smaller items
such as lamps, baskets, utensils, cookware, bathroom linens, textiles etc. Anything that’s not furniture.

Shopping in the marketplace may take a longer period of time if there is an excessive amount of these types

of items on your shopping list. This type of charge is determined after we have reviewed the complete list.

Yes assembly without delivery is available. There is a minimum of $125 no matter how short the time of the assembly is if we are not providing delivery at that same time.  If necessary for us to bring larger tools and ladders that require use of a vehicle to transport, parking fees may and will apply (subject to area in which you reside).

No. Without the list we will not be able to determine the length of time we need to reserve to get the job done.

Create a shopping list from the Ikea website and email us with your phone number, delivery address and desired date and time.  Instructions are detailed on our website for you already.

In most cases a walk-up building will incur an additional $15/flight for anything after the first flight (2nd floor).
We consider the ground floor to be the first floor. For significantly small orders it’s possible this charge will be waived.  Larger orders and orders with sofas may incur the walk-up fee starting at the ground floor.

If we provided the delivery and you change your mind about something you ordered, we can return it for for you at no additional charge in most cases as long as we are taking the item with us the same day we brought it to you. Returning something on a different date or something we did not deliver will be a basic delivery charge for $110.00.

With OUR shopping & delivery package we do our best to locate your items at one the FOUR Ikea stores we service and will go to whichever one has all or most of your items in stock on the day of shopping and delivery. We have no control over what’s going to be in stock that day, so there’s no guarantee that you will get everything on your list especially if it’s long. Ikea has stores in Elizabeth, NJ – Paramus, NJ – Brooklyn, NY – Long Island, NY.

NOTE: The delivery prices list are do NOT include shopping at multiple stores.  If multiple stores are required this will incur additional delivery fees and may require multiple days to shop (and deliver possibly).

Please send the details to us in an email of who the Certificate of Insurance (C.O.I.) needs to go along with your complete address and unit #, legal name on the lease or deed, and the SAMPLE COI (which you can get from your building management).  We will need to submit this to our insurance company to request the document be created.  COIs are not one-off documents and one must be individually created for every job/client.

We can take cash, VENMO, Zelle/Chase Quickpay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, CashApp or Credit Card at time of delivery (however credit/debit card payments will have an additional 3% fee that the card companies charge, to ensure we are fully reimbursed and payed for the services).

We will front the money and you will be reimbursing for the cost at delivery in most cases.

Our Zelle/Chase Quickpay email is IDAFlatpack@gmail.com



  1. Click [HERE]  to create your account on the IKEA.com website and populate your list of items.
  2. Once your list is complete, forward us the login information for your IKEA account to idaflatpack@gmail.com so we can access your list and provide a quote if just assembly is desired or if in addition to delivery.
  3. In your email please include date and address you want delivery and or assembly.
  4. Find out if your building requires a COI (Certificate of Insurance) for delivery and in-home work and send us the “SAMPLE COI” from your building management if so.
  5. Alternatively you can take screenshots of the complete list and forward them as attachments if you prefer not to send you log-in credentials to our email below.