IKEA Delivery & Assembly Pricing

Ikea Shopping & Delivery Rates

Orders totaling $1-$500 $99
Orders totaling $501 – $750 $115
Orders totaling $751 – $1000 $140
Orders totaling $1,000 – $1,500 $150
Orders over $1,500 10% of order total

(tolls, parking costs and/or walk-up fees may apply in some circumstances if shopping in New Jersey stores or building has no elevator, or if free parking is unavailable in your area during assembly)

Furniture Assembly Rates

Cheaper than Task Rabbit and over a decade more experience​
Why pay more just to give fees to the middle-man.

Our staff has done this daily for over a decade. We can offer a flat-rate assembly quote based on your list of items requiring assembly.  Just send us the list and we will provide the quote.

  • For IKEA products we can provide the quote based off of your IKEA shopping list
  • For NON-IKEA items please send us web-links (preferably) or pictures of the items and

Additional Services & Rates

Wall-mounting (shelves & cabinets) $20/piece
Window Treatments $20/window
TV Mounting $100/television
Snaking Wires inside wall for TV $50/television
Air Conditioner Installation $55/AC unit
Ikea Returns Inquire for a quote. List your items
Painting Please inquire about our painting rates

Forms of Payment

We take Cash, VENMO, Chase Quickpay, Google Wallet or credit and debit card at time of delivery

(however credit/debit card payments will have an additional 3% fee that the card companies charge, to ensure we are fully reimbursed and payed for the services). We will front the money and you will be reimbursing for the cost at delivery in the majority of cases.

Our Chase Quickpay and Google Wallet email is: